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Every Mother’s Day, we celebrate recovery with a special dinner that honors motherhood in all of its forms and centers the parents of Toni’s House who are rebuilding their lives and restoring relationships with their children. Once our annual fundraising event, we now host an intimate dinner on the weekend of Mother’s Day in a beautiful setting for the women of Toni’s House. The dinner provides an opportunity for our women residents to look and feel their best and be treated to a fine dining experience with their peers and our leadership team. It’s an evening they look forward to every year.

The dinner is followed by a gathering with food and festivities for our entire Toni’s House community at the Women’s House on Mother’s Day. If you would be interested in sponsoring these festivities, drop us an e-mail at and we’ll be in touch.

Mother's Day

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Recovery with Toni's House

Our Youtube series In Recovery with Toni’s House aims to educate, inspire, and facilitate meaningful change through our conversations with guests who have insightful information to share and engaging stories to tell.

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11th Anniversary

Toni’s House 11th Anniversary KCLV Channel 2 interview with Councilman Cedric Crear.

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