Toni's House

Toni’s House mission is to provides a safe living environment to help people in transition with the process of healing as well as support in developing skills needed for a healthy and successful life.

Whether you’re looking for help while recovering from addiction, mental health issues, abuse or need somewhere to keep you on track, Toni’s House exists to bring healing and a safe place to those looking to rebuilding their lives.  Moving forward with recovery can be a challenge, but for you or your loved one, there is hope – no matter the past.

Toni’s House residents have access to a multitude of third-party resources; from counseling, treatment centers, job training, to social and community services. Our dedicated team is there to responsibly guide, and help where needed, those staying at Toni’s House to become self sufficient with their needs and goals.

Our Story

Toni’s House was originally purchased by Monique Westfield in the hopes of fulfilling her mother’s dream of one day becoming a homeowner.

Unfortunately, Monique’s mother would soon after be diagnosed with a terminal disease while in her fifties. Wanting to see her mother’s dream come true, Monique decided to purchase a home in Las Vegas where she could live the rest of her life.

Despite overcoming advertise throughout much of her life, and subsequently, but fearlessly, battling a relentlessly disease and beating the predictions of doctors, Toni was able to live for another 6 years. But sadly, just a few months after moving in, Toni fell too ill to live in the house. She died not long after at her son’s home. Toni was called by God earlier than we hoped.

Her daughter, Monique, decided it was time for her to fulfill her own dream and create a home for those in need of a safe environment to get back on their feet, like Toni once was. Just like the nurse in the hospital where her brother Dennis was born, she too would take in people who need a helping hand. This is how Toni’s House began.